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Sabre Red Tactical OC Baton


  • UPC Code: 023063100005
  • Is Hazardous Material?: Yes
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SRTB-01
  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES ~USA
  • Weight: .30

Sabre Red Tactical OC Baton


Aluminum Baton with Solid Brass Key Ring Swivel
Projects up to 6 Feet
Cone Shaped Delivery - Greater Respiratory Affect
Contains Approximately 8 Shots

The Tactical OC Pepper Spray's compact, concealable aluminium design provides an extremely durable OC option. This detective style spray contains approximately 8 shots of a cone-shaped delivery with a range up to 6 feet. The solid brass key ring swivel allows the Tactical OC Baton doubles as a key chain.